We unlock the potential of people and organisations by partnering with business and governments to deliver transformational research, postgraduate education and professional 发展.

企业责任 is about ensuring that we take into account the social, community and environmental consequences of our activities. This philosophy is integrated into our regular activity wherever possible and is demonstrated though a variety of initiatives – read some of these below.


Through our fully supported business start-up unit called 谁有冰球突破网站 业务 Incubation Centre (CUBIC), we are able to support those businesses in the very early stages of 发展 and once established can offer them a progression pathway onto to our own 谁有冰球突破网站 Technology Park .

Helping others reduce their carbon emissions

As well as reducing our own carbon emissions, our intellectual and technical advances are helping other organisations and individuals reduce their own carbon footprints. mg游戏平台哪里下载称之为mg游戏平台哪里下载碳Brainprint.

mg游戏平台哪里下载的 贝塔尼创业中心 provides assistance for start-ups, for example, through the 18-week 为零增长计划做好准备 which helps companies to embed Net Zero ambitions within their growth plans.


We use our expertise to positively impact the lives of others through our charitable work.


在超过25年的时间里 克兰菲尔德的信任 has provided free management support to UK-based non-profit organisations. 该信托基金成立于克兰菲尔德, at the suggestion of HRH The Princess Royal, 现在是它的赞助人, and is an independent charity working with alumni of 克兰菲尔德 and other leading international business schools. Through its register of 900 commercial sector managers, who give their time as volunteer consultants, the Trust supports 300 charities a year with individual 咨询公司 projects, 还有一个1,000 with online information and advice and with masterclass learning events.


自1969年以来, SAFAD has sent more than 340 克兰菲尔德 graduate volunteers to over 37 countries in the developing world to work on small-scale 发展 projects run by non-governmental organisations.

Unique among British organisations operating in the less developed world, SAFAD is a registered charity set up by 谁有冰球突破网站 and run on a voluntarily basis by our students.

SAFAD has been able to improve thousands of lives by alleviating poverty and helping to create sustainable livelihoods using volunteers with skills in areas such as:

  • 供水和管理;
  • 环境卫生;
  • 保健和卫生;
  • Agroforestry, agriculture and soil conservation;
  • 教育、培训和研究;
  • 小型企业;
  • 中级技术.


We work with local councils and organisations to encourage business growth and 发展 in our locations.


  1. Can engage with 谁有冰球突破网站 via 克兰菲尔德 Parish Council, for example on our planned campus 发展s.
  2. An annual stakeholders’ lunch hosted by the Vice Chancellor provides opportunity for Heads of local schools, Parish Council reps and local faith leaders to meet with senior staff.
  3. mg游戏平台哪里下载很多人 讲座 也对公众开放吗 


  1. 谁有冰球突破网站 is a member of Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce.


  1. The University’s Regional Engagement Team meets weekly with reps from Central Bedfordshire Council and bi-monthly with Bedford Borough Council.
  2. We have joined forces with Milton Keynes Council and business partners to develop and inform decision making for a new university, 马克:你.

If you wish to engage please contact 尼古拉Dawson-Randell, Regional Engagement Manager Finance.


Through our research and teaching – whether via the teaching of our specialist degrees, 咨询公司, policy 发展 or charitable work – we are making a significant contribution to building a more sustainable world, mg游戏平台哪里下载称之为mg游戏平台哪里下载碳Brainprint'.

mg游戏平台哪里下载的 aim is to ensure our graduates are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to sustainable 发展. While several of our programmes directly relate to sustainability, this concept is integral throughout our teaching, and our research project recommendations also include guidelines for sustainability where possible so that our influence radiates as far as possible.

Read more about 谁有冰球突破网站的可持续发展


mg游戏平台哪里下载观察并维持在高位 道德标准 在教学和科研方面. These standards must be upheld in the activities of all members of the University. Helping all staff and students to acquire and express professional and personal ethics in their work is an important part of the educational process the University offers.